Fighting poverty through education

Community Education Buildings

Help us improve the lives of below poverty line children and families

Although India is making strides towards universal primary education, substantial numbers of children from below poverty line families in remote and rural communities still receive little or no education.

Basic education significantly improves the life chances of individuals allowing them to break free from some of the cultural and social constraints that hold them back.

Marudyan UK believes that education is a basic human right and that it should work towards making this a reality for as many as possible.

Life changing education


Our main objective is to provide small community education facilities around the India, along with continuing support for teachers. A typical project will be a two room building providing education for up to 100 children. The schools will be economical, constructed from local sustainable materials and easy to adapt to local climatic conditions.

We need to your help to raise the funds required to turn this design concept into a reality. Find out how to get involved.

Help Marudyan bring sponsored education to below poverty line children and families