Fighting poverty through education

Marudyan Education Centre

Marudyan Education Centre

Marudyan Education Centre

The Marudyan Learning Centre in Old Gurgaon, Delhi was set up in 2011 to provide sponsored education and vocational training for below poverty line children and their families.

Supporting the local community

Marudyan Learning Centre

By supporting the running costs of the Marudyan Education Centre we get to make a practical and tangible difference to the local community in the Devilal Colony, Old Gurgaon, Delhi. Devilal is a migrant area where two thirds of the families are below poverty line.

Demand for education is growing

Transforming lives and communities

In only five weeks of opening the population of the school grew from 15 children to over 100. At present the Marudyan Learning Centre teaches 182 children mainly from rag-picking families, and demand is growing all the time.

How your money helps:

Transforming lives and communities
  • Pays for teachers wages
  • Pays for the school building's running costs
  • Pays for books, computers and uniforms
  • Provides a simple meal
  • Provides vocational training so that older students and adults can earn money to support their families

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Help Marudyan bring sponsored education to below poverty line children and families