Fighting poverty through education

Life Stories

Pallab Mondal

"I am Pallab Mondal and I am 12 years old. I study in class 8. I have come to the school ever since I was a little boy. I have one younger brother of 7 years and he also studies in the school. My father is Sanjay Mondal and he is a history teacher at the school.

I get along very well with my family. We have a big family, my grandparents and my daddy’s three  brothers, two are married and one is single. I have four cousins and I get along with them very well. I like being with my family because there is always something to do and we take care of each other.
I am the top student in my class and I would like to become an English teacher. I like cricket and table tennis or ping pong. I want to ask if we can set up a ping pong table in the community hall of the school then I can learn to play better."

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