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Life Stories

Shuleka Chakraborty

"My name is Shuleka Chakraborty. Three years ago I finished 8th grade in Marudyan school, where I passed as best student of my class. I did my 9th and 10th standard in Morapai St. Patricks High School.  We are three brothers and three sisters. My older sisters are married one has one child and the other has two children. Our family lives in a mud-house.

My father is Krishnachandra Chakraborty and he used to ride a cycle-van (this is a bicycle with carrier that can carry goods or people). My father is 60, he is just recovering from tuberculosis so he is now physically not capable to do this work. For me to continue my studies in 11th and 12th grade I need to pay 1400 rupees to Mallavpur Adarsha Vidya Mandir School for admission charge, but we don’t have the money.

At present I am learning to sew at the Marudyan Vocational Training Centre, so I can earn some money.

I would very much like to finish my studies and become a teacher. My parents would like me to finish my studies, but cannot afford to pay for me. I humbly request Calcutta Marudyan to help pay for my studies."

(Calcutta Marudyan has paid her admission fee and has bought a set of school study books for her to use. These books will remain property of the society and are to be returned when her studies are finished)

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